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This is a page for potential workshop offerings in your community:

Jenny is currently on a teaching Sabbatical until March 2016.

But for the future

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The following is a menu of workshops that I can offer in your community.   I am also always inspired by the creative process of where a community and my work weave together for the greatest learning and highest good to the collective.  You can choose from a previous workshop I have taught or I am glad to enter the creative process and offer an embodied movement/conscious dance workshop tailored to your communities needs and energy.

Please keep in mind that from years of outdoor guiding and being an environmental educator my work is deeply rooted in the interconnection of all things & our necessary wildness in being part of the web of life.   From the last 15 years of being a movement embodiment instructor my work is influenced from many different rivers.  The primary one currently is  For 12 years before this my greatest influence was from direct studies with Gabrielle Roth and the certification she gave me to be a 5rhythms® instructor.   In addition to this my work has been influenced  through being a certified Nia teacher &  facilitating ecstatic dance & women’s dance circles (influenced by the work of Heather Munroe Pierce

You can request a focus of any of these avenues, in the creation of a workshop for your community, or be inspired by one of the workshops below……..

Basic Goodness

Basic Goodness ~

Like a horn of plenty, each of us is a unique mixture of many things.  Life experiences, family of origin, cultural influences and so on.   Some things we can label as positive influences and others as negative.   Some things we want to claim, some we celebrate and others we would rather deny.

Your body was present through it all.   Absorbing, filtering, sheltering, protecting, storing and processing all that you experienced.  And your body is still present, in this moment, doing the same.    But sometimes you have stored more then you have moved or filtered and this can make the present moment seem illusive or overwhelming.  Sometimes it can be hard to trust what we are feeling, that it is okay to feel or that we are capable of handling it.   We need resources to help us remember and trust that “present moment is a perfect moment”.  Not as a concept, but in a true and embodied way.

In this workshop we work with the field of Basic Goodness to integrate what is happening in our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits.  We call on a much bigger resource then the default of thought.  We practice letting ourselves be held by the earth, by the dance and by the divine.  This lets our nervous system be relaxed so we can re-frame, re-work, remember all parts of ourselves in the present moment.  In doing this we bring ourselves into wholeness so we can trust the movement of our dances and the movement of Basic Goodness in ourselves and our everyday lives.


Wild ~ A conscious movement workshop

Life is unpredictable, just like nature.   There are constant twists and turns that we never expect and it is a wild ride.   Very few people were taught how to take this wild ride in a way that embraces it and offers grace in the process.

This movement workshop is all about embracing wildness.  That the “wild” is the source for our most creative and adaptable selves.  That life, nature, and the ever changing world can be moved with in a way that is interconnected and life affirming at its very core and most especially when we let go.

In this workshop we will dance to work with tools of staying grounded, resourced and centered while learning to let go at the same time.   Embodied practices of responsiveness and listening to intuition will be offered.  Movement rituals for cultivating wild connection to the land and nature will be called in and brought back to our cellular memory.  We will work with the emotion of fear and opening pathways to let it flow through our bodies versus getting trapped.  And we will seek still places in our movement, even while life is moving very fast.

We all have a space and place we were meant to reside in our soul’s path.  As we fall into dance after dance, peel layer after layer of conditioning, and embrace the mystery of the unknown, we are putting wildness back on the map as a valid state to reside.


Every person’s soul has a particular texture and vibration unique to them. This soul vibration cannot be clung to or grabbed a hold of or have demands put upon it….. Instead it needs fertile soil where it can flow like a free and wild river.

This movement workshop is designed to bring to surface tools and practices that create and help open channels in the body where the soulstream can flow. It is based on embodiment practices that allow for deep, wild and trance dancing. Moving in this way lets our soul vibration be felt and remembered in our cells and more accessible in everyday living. We will also work with symbols, art and dreams because these inherently open doors to tuning into the soul channel.

The movement we will do is completely accessible to any person, body type or background. And yet it has the alchemical quality to invoke the mystical and mythical realms that the soul needs for it to rise up. This is deeply wholeing and healing work for soul, self and spirit. It is a homecoming to our hearts and nervous systems because it gives us room to breath and live the life for which we were so richly called..


The 5 Rhythms® are a physical and spiritual practice that offers healing, aliveness and awareness through dance. They are a simple, powerful moving meditation that anyone – of any age, size, or physical ability – can practice. There are no steps to follow, no choreography to learn, no way to do it wrong. The only requirement is a body that is still breathing, a heart that is still beating, and a mind that is still curious!

Workshop Description:
Most of us were raised in a culture and family that told us that the mind was the doorway to learning.  This is true, but the mind is only one part of our whole.   In this workshop we work with the wisdom of the body to open up new ways of learning.  The body is an incredible resource for awakening creativity, awareness and opening space for aliveness in the present moment.

Through the practice of the 5rhythms® we will tap into specific body parts to discover new pathways of intuitive wisdom.  The feet that teach us about surrender, hips that awaken fire, hands that give our hearts wings. These are all doorways that we can learn to open toward a richer and more embodied life.

Ultimately this workshop is about discovering freedom and fluidity on the dance floor and in our everyday lives. A perfect exploration for the New Year.  It will empower you to move with more wholeness, grace, heart and soul in relationships, work, family and life. It’s about dance but a whole lot more.


This weekend is a container for an ecstatic haven in the dance.   A break from busy lives.  Where we will dance wave after wave of the 5rhythms®.   Imagine a refugee camp for the body, mind and soul.  Where we dance through our stresses, release energy that holds us back from deep listening and find a space and place for ourselves.

This workshop is not an escape away from home, but a return to home that lives inside each of us.  We do this in a community that works with acceptance:  acceptance of what needs to get moved,  acceptance of what wants to come to life and acceptance of self.

This refuge is also a thriving learning environment where we study the medicine of each of the 5rhythms®:
•Flowing:  A memory cure, where we feel and receive our whole nature
and not just the roles we play in life.
•Staccato:  A fiery elixir, where we are given one million chances     to “get it right” through experimenting with clear embodied     expression of self.
•Chaos:  A wild herbal remedy, which releases grounded freedom.
•Lyrical:  An effervescent potion of magic, mystery and life spark.
•And Stillness:  A healing tonic, which is the simple
antidote to our busy lives.

The bell is ringing at the entrance, calling you home for a little soul sanctuary healing.  Come be held, create, explore, and revive in this offering place of Refuge.



Everything we need to know about ancient rhythms
are already in the body

There is wisdom in these bones & in this flesh
of feet connected to earth
hand, dancing body rising
to be one with the heavens

In this workshop
we will tap into our immense intelligence
already completely whole
and present at our very core
from the beginning
a know that resides within all of us

The 5rhythms are simply markers
for this innate wisdom

As we dance,
we bring awareness
to the old ways,
earth ways and divine ways
whose memory when activate
keeps us rooted
and free beings on this planet

let’s Return and remember…. together.