A Women’s Mythos with Cynthia Kennedy & Jenny Macke


A Women’s Mythos with Cynthia Kennedy & Jenny Macke

Being a woman.

What does it really mean to be a woman? Can we dare to step fully into our mythic, sensual selves even when others may be uncomfortable, even when others may judge us, or wish we would live within their boxes? For most of our lives, what it means to be a woman has been defined for us, by others: our parents, men, institutions, other women, our children.  Sometimes, we don’t even realize we are living according to someone else’s script, someone else’s plan. We don’t even question, but keep going through the motions.

Women aren’t the only ones experiencing a split between inner and outer worlds, and yet, there is a specific narrative that is often put onto women. It’s time.* It’s time to come together, as women, to ask each other, “What does it mean to each of us, as individuals, and as a group, to live in these bodies, to be a woman?”  How would our lives change if we answered this question on our own terms?  What if we wrote our own scripts?

So, yes, let’s come together and identify the stories and archetypes we carry around in our female bodies, stories that have been put on us and in us.  Stories that guide us, shape us, shame us, define us, confuse us. Stories we accept and stories we resist.  Let’s untangle these stories from our own true mythic identities and free our bodies from holding them so we have room to create new stories. Stories that enliven us, without shame. Without fear. Doing this takes heart & courage.  We need each other.

In this three-part on-going group we will use movement, art, ritual and the mirror of each other to explore radical acceptance and notice what arises.

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