Cynthia and Jenny ~ Us!

Cynthia Kennedy

Cynthia is a mother, lover, sister, friend, dancer and a passionate lover of life, but she is best known as a deep and powerful teacher – of leadership, creative process, and of the Open Floor movement meditation practice. She spent her younger years as an avid rock climber and mountaineer, with many days of her life spent away from mainstream culture and the fast-pace of the world.  In 2001 she was trained in Internal Family Systems therapy. Longing for a more embodied approach to understanding the human psyche, she was also trained by Gabrielle Roth in the 5Rhytyms and has been teaching movement as a tool of transformation since 2007. She has been on the faculty at  The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington since 1998 where her main areas of focus are embodied leadership, sustainability and consciousness studies. Together, with other movement teachers from around the world, she is a Founding Member of both the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association and Open Floor International.    With humor, wisdom, compassion and intelligence, she catalyzes change and helps people fall in love with themselves, guiding them on the great adventure of discovering their true selves.

Jenny Macke

Jenny from a young age rambled and explored wild places.  She has always loved that feeling of curiosity being sparked alive as mind, body, emotions and soul are connected to the web of life. Today, as a conscious dance teacher, she fosters that in all.  “Through dance we explore the uncharted places inside ourselves and we are set free through this embodied exploration.  It is there that we can remember our connection to all things”. In recent years Jenny’s own growth exploration has been inspired by the wise web of the Open Floor.  As a school of study it possesses the space and intelligence to open many pathways of human creativity, heart and soul.  She is a certified Open Floor teacher and part of the international team of teachers on the Open Floor Curriculum Circle. Gabrielle Roth was also Jenny’s beloved teacher and she learned much as a 5rhythms® teacher under her tutelage. Jenny has a Master’s degree in Leadership Education from UT Austin. She is greatly influenced by the witnessing work of Authentic Movement, the soul and nature work of the Animas Institute and Bill Plotkin & the fluid embodied awareness work of Continuum.  As a follower of mystical pathways she pays attention to her dreams and turns to shamanic journeying for signs and symbols of where to follow.   She has been mentored by a wise wise woman for many years and while she deeply respects her elders she turns to the young ones, her two children, for the sweetest and wisest wisdom about love that she knows. Jenny is founder and owner of Presence Studio in Bellingham, Washington where a big juicy dancing tribe thrives.

_photo of jenny by suzanne steele

Our story ~ Jenny & Cynthia

Cynthia and Jenny have been close friends on the road to embodied consciousness and uncovering the mysteries of dance for more than a decade.  We are wild,tender-hearted, centered, bold and sensuous women who love well, care for their families, are passionate about their work, and humbled by all they still have to learn in this lifetime. We believe there is a revolution to be had when our untamed stories as women land home at our center and we open to the mystery that is inside all. Together, we dreamed up this workshop because we  have supported each other over the years and seen the freedom and ground this has given us.  We feel there is something special about working with other women and that coming together to connect with each other around the challenges and experiences we are facing is very empowering.

We met long ago, in a workshop, in Olympia. We fell in love with each other pretty quickly, noticing that we had similar dreams for the world, a similar belief system and similar approaches to bringing those dreams into reality. We both recognized the struggles it takes to be an empowered woman in a world that is still very male-oriented. Over the years, we have learned the value of having each other, as women, to listen, support, and mirror each other on our paths to wholeness and health. Along the way we have dreamed of creating a container for a group of women, similar to the one we have created in our friendship to each other.  We name clearly and with heart that “we need each other” as touchstones, as women, as weavers of magic in the world. Recently, one of us said to the other – I think now is the time.

Thus, A Women’s Mythos was born!

More to come:  Mythical words we use to describe one another….

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