Conscious Dance: Open Floor, Soul Motion & 5Rhythms®

If you love to dance, why not let dance also be your consciousness practice?  (Probably the opposite should also be said, if you don’t particularly love to dance and yet see the merits of freeing up the body and soul this way, why not let it be your consciousness practice?)

Conscious dance is:

  • an embodied path for deep internal learning and wholeness
  • a practice where you can track growth
  • a place to learn different modes of meditation that connect you to breath, body and present moment
  • an avenue to learn about deeper and more intimate relationship to yourself, an other, community and spirit
  • A practice that helps release tensions and stresses of our modern fast paced world
  • and it can be very fun and enlivening…

There are many forms of Conscious Dance.  Some based on connection to an ecstatic experience, others mindfulness, others deep shamanic trance.  Whatever the case, Conscious Dance at its core is about awareness of embodiment &  a coming home of spirit and soul in the body.   At Presence Studio we practice all three of these states…  the ecstatic dance, mindfulness practice & shamanic trance.  We practice all these to bring the dances and learning into cellular present moment, so that the dances that unfold on the dance floor can benefit us in our present and everyday lives.   Ultimately Conscious dance is a process of “wholing” in the one’s body, mind and spirit.  Conscious dance can be done by anyone regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience

Come Explore:

Open Floor Movement:

This is a school of Conscious Dance that looks at Universal Conscious Movement Practices.   There are core areas of study in the school such as Grounding, Centering, Releasing, Dissolving, Body Awareness and increasing Body/Mind/Spirit Vocabulary and Connection.   As a school it offers trainings and embodied tools to meet our human hungers for Solitude, Relationship, Community and Communion with Spirit/Soul.   It is a school oriented towards empowering maturity and collaboration with all Conscious Dance practitioners.  For this reason it is  dedicated to creating and teaching “Open Source” curriculum that is helpful and accessible to all people interested in practicing Conscious Dance.

Open Floor Video LINK

The 5 Rhythms®

The 5 Rhythms® are a physical and spiritual practice that offers healing, aliveness and awareness through dance.  Just like light, sound or ocean waves, a dancing body, when moving , passes through 5 distinct rhythmic patterns. These patterns continuously repeat themselves in a wave of motion. The 5Rhythms® are:

*FLOWING – the fluid, continuous, grounded glide of our own movements;  STACCATO – the percussive, pulsing beat that shapes us a thousand different ways; CHAOS – the rhythm of letting go, releasing into the catalytic wildness of our dance that can never be planned or repeated; LYRICAL – the rhythm of trance, where the weight of self-consciousness dissolves, where we lighten up and disappear into our own uniqueness; STILLNESS – the quiet emptiness, where gentle movements rise and fall, start and end, in a field of silence.

Currently there are not 5Rhythms® classes at Presence Studio although Jenny Macke, studio owner is trained to be a 5rhythms® teacher.    Occasionally we do have visiting teachers visit that are still actively teaching the 5Rhythms®

Soul Motion

Soul Motion™ Conscious Dance Practice is an effective and accessible transformative movement program. Designed by Vinn Arjuna Martí, Soul Motion™ opens the mind, relaxes the body and stirs the soul of all who step onto the dance floor. Using creative movement inquiries, Soul Motion™ teachers guide dancers to come into healthy, enlivened contact with their bodies; to cultivate awareness, presence, and stillness; to make meaningful contact with themselves and others; to express themselves spontaneously and authentically and move in ways that feel nourishing and supportive

Moraya Morningstar has regularly taught Soul Motion Classes over the past years but is currently on a break.