9 Months of Exploration

Module 1:  Mythic Identity

April 28-30

The beloved moves through the world.

Is the world.

Becomes the hundred things we love

Or the one and only thing or person

We love.

Shifting, restless,

Refusing to incarnate in a final form,

As if to teach us to keep our eyes

Moving if we want to see the bird

Flitting from bush to tree:

There it is! No, there. No,

It’s hidden now, you can’t see it,

But you can hear its song.

~ Gregory Orr ~

(Concerning the Book that is the Body of the Beloved)

There is a song whispering inside each of us. A unique song that belongs only to us. It is not one note or line or chorus.  It is a weaving of countless vibrations that come into wholeness through our body and being.

Parts of this song are a mystery. On purpose. The mystery is what keeps us curious, keeps us investigating, our whole life long. The longing to unlock this mystery and find ourselves is like an ocean tide, pulling us forward and back, this way and that, and guiding us towards to our soul’s calling. If we are listening. Yes, listening… but also then responding.

Deep down, parts of us are waiting to answer our soul’s calling and to give it permission to come to the forefront. Parts of us are longing to be danced by this mystery and to experience it, not only by ourselves, but also in the collective; we are relational beings and have a desire to witness and be witnessed as our vulnerable and unknown pieces search for air and room to spread their wings. We long to do this in a container that is safe enough, but knowing the process is also dangerous.  It is a risk to spread our wings, to stop standing still in a corner or a crevice of our hidden self, but to be met in partnership by aliveness, and the collective, so we can breath and move and articulate into existence what has been waiting for us our whole life. Doing so changes us as our mythos comes to life and becomes embodied. We become an unfolding moment.

During this first week-end, we come together to create this container, a container that is different from the norm, for our western culture is not oriented to support this kind of work. It is more oriented towards assigning us roles that we live by, roles that are finite, common, or perhaps named by others:  woman, mother, sister, daughter, wife, partner, manager, teacher……..   The narratives that accompany these roles can be set like software in our psyche and influence the way we live our lives. Of course they can be useful, but in certain situations they can also be limiting. These left brain descriptions describe our duties or obligations in the world and are more about boxes than about the rich, diverse tapestry of our own unique song.

Throughout this module, we will seek touchpoints in our beings that are less about these jobs or roles and more about our soul or essence. We will bring to light the boxes we have been given or constructed ourselves and we will play with creating right relationship to them on our own terms. Most importantly we will coax forward, with kindness and sometimes edgy wildness, the untamed mysterious pieces of ourselves that are waiting to be claimed and come home. This weekend is the beginning of a 9-month gestation or birth process for our mythical selves. We don’t fully know what will happen but the container will be strong. It will take time, engagement, curiosity and conversation to feed and nurture the growing, mythical woman inside each of us.

Module 2:  Sensuality

September 14-17, 2017

This second week-end is dedicated to exploring, learning about, and beginning to heal our sensual and sexual lives. Through play, dance, ritual and discussion, we will bring awareness to what needs healing by sharing and moving the stories and shame that need to be bared, by releasing what needs to be released, and by inviting in a sense of empowerment. In today’s world, women are judged by superficial standards of physical beauty, but true sensuality involves more than the visual; it includes all five of our senses and our true sensual and sexual natures are often overlooked as an essential piece of our power.

Module 2 is about reclaiming our sensual, sexual natures as an important part of our identity, about giving ourselves permission to re-discover the wonder of our bodies and to admit to our desires. We will expand our awareness to more than just the visual sense, feeling, listening, smelling and touching the incredible unique sensuality that we each embody. It will be about loving ourselves in our totality. The more fulfilled we are as sexual and sensual beings, the more fulfilled we are as human beings.

During this weekend we will work with a professional female photographer to catch glimpses of our sensual selves, not just the unique visual beauty that is present in each of us, but our full sensuality as seen through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. She will take mythical portraits of us, for us to see what wants to be seen and bared through our own vision. These portraits will be kept private and contained unless they are ready at some point to be shared.

Module 3:  Power and Vulnerability

January 19-21, 2018

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.

- Brene Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You are

At the heart of what we are doing over these 9 months is love. To fall in love with our own mythical selves and to share and witness other brave, committed women doing the same, is to to feel our own power.  But power and vulnerability walk hand in hand. If we avoid our vulnerability, we avoid ourselves and we certainly avoid each other. The courage to face ourselves, to feel and be with…. this is where we find our power. In this final Module of Women’s Mythos, we seek our fluidity and capacity to keep moving, even in the fear of being real and seen in our authenticity. We turn to community and the collective to affirm our journey.   We will have a coming out party for our mythical selves. We acknowledge the pieces of ourselves that have gotten ripe and full and the others that are just unfurling their tender new shoots of aliveness. We put it all in a stew pot of goodness and see what is asking to be birthed.

At this last module we will invite friends, family and community to an evening gathering to witness us in our mythical selves that we will express through dance, poetry, visual art, theater or other means or modalities of the soul. You will be invited to offer something either individually or in a group. We will coach you in the process and offer guidance and support for a piece of mythical art to arise out of you. A claiming or coming out in community is an essential piece of empowerment in most cultures that value rites of passage. It is vulnerable, we know, and certainly a sense of nakedness can be felt even at the prospect of it. If this is an edge or stretch or even terror for you, know you are not alone. We make a commitment to give support and love and most importantly, resources for you to feel empowered in yourself and the process you will undergo. Participation for us is always about consent. Please know that we will respect whatever choice you make around participation in a public event. We support and see the benefit of edge walking, for this can be the place of the greatest growth, and we also know that we, as woman, value your right of choice.

After the public event we will complete our process privately in our group on the last Sunday.   Settling into all that has unfolded and holding each other in kindness and love as we walk in the world knowing we have been through a birthing process with a group of woman, that we have dived deeply into our mythical selves, and brought more wholeness into the mysteries of our lives. A process like this has the possibility to change our nervous systems. To let us rest more deeply in who we are and our place in the greater world.

photo/art credits:

#1 Night bearer ~ Amanda Clark

#2 ancient fresco from Pomepeii

#3 Thunderbolt Ecstacy by Michal Bish

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