About Us

After many years of looking for sacred space in Bellingham, Presence studio opened in December 2009.  The studio is an ever-evolving community oriented space with a focus on Conscious Dance, music, art, spirituality, personal growth and workshops.  We are dedicated towards creating a space that offers freedom of expression and a container for the sacred & soul.

Jenny Macke

Jenny is the founder of Presence Studio and  is dedicated towards serving community and creating space for others to find their freedom of expression.  She has a Master’s in Leadership Education and a whole slew of movement certifications but mostly her greatest qualification is that she is a wild and wiley dancer.   In dance she loves to weave in mystery while working with grounded and resourced embodiment practices.   In the last few years her focus in teaching has shifted to the wise web of teachings in the Open Floor (www.openfloor.org) She serves on the Curriculum Circle of this ever evolving school of movement.  Prior to this her teaching practice was rooted in the 5rhythms® for over 9 years and she continues to explore and express through many conscious movement practices.    Jenny began teaching movement through Nia 14 years ago, evolved to holding sacred space for women inspired by Heather Munroe Pierce’s dance circles, she held ecstatic dance community space in Bellingham for many years before becoming a 5rhythms® certified teacher and Open Floor facilitator.   She loves to weave the wild and still web of energy found in the natural world into her teachings.  She is greatly influenced by the witnessing work of Authentic Movement, Soul Work of the Animas Institute and Bill Plotkin & the fluid embodied awareness work of Continuum.  She honors all people’s dances and the many worthy paths to investigate coming home to wholeness of the soul through the freeing & wild dance of the body.

She loves her home of Bellingham, Washington & the full hearted tribe of dancers at Presence studio.   She is also a mother, artist, dreamer & lover of forests, rivers, sea and mountains.

Other Teachers at the Studio


Melanie Aceves ~ Managing Assistant

Melanie started dancing when she was in diapers, and never quit. Melanie has been attracted to a variety of dance languages including ballet, tap, latin dance, belly dance, danced yoga, meditative movement, and more. As a child she also liked to invent different business ventures, and still gets excited when it comes to planning, and executing projects with others. Today she supports Presence Studio because Presence Studio supports her. It’s a place where we are brought to our selves, and to new friends.

Stacie Moore ~ 360 Step

I have been teaching group fitness classes since 1997. I graduated from WWU with a degree centered on Elementary Educ./Physical Educ. and Exercise Science. I have been certified though various fitness organizations, focusing in a variety of group fitness and personal training disciplines. My varied experience has led to me to develop a true passion for teaching step. I love everything about teaching a step class: the choreography; the music; the feeling in the room when participants have mastered the combos and can “play;” the confidence it brings to those just starting to “get it,” as well as to those who have accomplished a new “move;” the camaraderie that unites the group…regardless of the skill level of each participant. My dream of broadening step beyond the traditional gym setting, and into a studio, has come true and I am thrilled to share this experience with others.

Paul Millage ~ Contact Improv

Paul is dedicated to creating places and experiences for people to remember what really matters and how to integrate this remembering into being. Paul finds his deepest inspiration in supporting and witnessing people’s journey into alignment with their soul’s calling; to feel that fullness when one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned; and to cultivate the individual genius that is within all of us. He draws upon 15+ years of teaching, including Yoga, Acro Yoga, Thai Massage and High School to create a safe and inclusive sense of container for inquiry and authenticity.

Keith Doran ~ West African Drums

Inspired by his grandfather, George E. Monahan, Keith started drumming at age 7 in his garage– his first snare drum was a bag of grass seed, with a fertilizer spreader for a cymbal. Thirty years later Keith continues his passion for drumming as a local Jazz musician and teacher of West African drums. Keith has been a dedicated student of West African music for the past 16 years. His primary teachers are Sayon Camara, Moussa Traoré, Famoudou Konaté, and Bolakada Condé. Keith looks forward to sharing the joy and freedom evoked by these rich, exciting polyrhythms.


Makenzie Graham~ West African Dance

Makenzie Graham recently moved to Bellingham from Madison, WI, where she began her journey as a lifelong student of West African Dance. Currently she is a behavioral therapist for children with Autism, and is also applying to Occupational Therapy programs around the country. Passionate and energetic, Makenzie loves to share her knowledge of West African Drum and Dance with others. She created a group called Wontannara Drum and Dance of Bellingham as a way to unite anyone and everyone in the area who wants to learn more about the invigorating music of West Africa. In Susu, a language/people of Guinea, Wontannara means, “We are all together.” Makenzie is excited to bring Bellinghamsters together through the power of dance! Contact Makenzie for pre-registration: 651-247-5306 or makenziegraham@gmail.com.

Nicole Styles ~ West African Dance

Nicole graduated from Florida State University with a BFA in Dance. She works to bring artists from the Seattle area to fill our studio with extraordinary dance moves and captivating rhythms. These classes offer full body conditioning along with a chance to learn the history and music behind the dances. All ages and skill levels welcome. My contact info: (360)441-5016 and nicolestylesevergreen@gmail.com and our Facebook page West African Drum and Dance (Bellingham).

David Imburgia ~ Tango

David Imburgia with his wife own the company Tango & Opera Popolare.  They have a mission of bringing Music & Dance to the people.  David says Tango is a dance form he discovered after 40 years of not being a dancer.   He first fell in love first with the music.  And then the poetry of Tango.  In Buenos Aires, it is said that Tango is a feeling.  It is the music and poetry.   And then it is a dance of the feelings.  For couples Tango is Respectful Connection, the Dance of the Embrace.